About Us

Who we are?

  • We Manufacture Titanium Fasteners
  • 10+ Years in the Industry
  • Accepts Domestic/International Orders
  • Fast Quotation with Knowledgeable Staff
  • Incoming QC Inspection
  • Internal Quality Tracking
  • Maintain Records for 7 Years
  • Material Certificates Available Upon Request

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Servicing Wide Variety of Industries:

Aerospace, Commercial, Medical, Military, Etc

Services Offered:

  • Bin Stocking
  • Consigned Inventory
  • JIT Deliveries
  • Kitting Service

Special Orders:

Custom Fasteners – Made to Print, Optional Finishes


  • Wide Variety of Standard/Metric Fasteners
  • Wide Variety of Materials/Grades: Titanium, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nickel…
  • Fasteners: Socket Head, Cap Screws, Machine, Set, Shoulder, Wood, Captive, Standoffs…
  • Nuts: Hex, Lock, Flange, Wing, Rivets…
  • Washers: Flat, Lock, Tooth Lock, Square…